From the Desk of Executive Director Marc Kealey Sept 2020

From the Desk of Executive Director Marc Kealey Sept 2020

Marc Kealey

Marc Kealey

From the Desk of the Executive Director.

As we enter the fall of 2020, normally it would be a time to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season with all of the busy activity re the start of school and the various issues associated with this. Fall is also the season when we prepare for the Annual General Meeting and conference for ACPC. Strangely enough the seemingly never- ending pandemic has challenged the operations of our association and made what normally would be an ease from one season to the next, a very awkward and difficult time.

Despite the challenges facing our society and by extension our association, ACPC over the past 18 months has established itself, and by extension our profession, as a partner and an effective advocate for issues facing our profession and the patients we serve.

I reference our effective outreach with Health Canada on commercial compounding, our role in the multi stakeholder task force on shortages and other pharmacy issues as well as NIHB and reimbursement. Similarly, we have had effective outreach with colleges and associations across Canada to create better awareness and effectiveness about the role of compounding pharmacy. We continue to be hopeful that our outreach with NAPRA and by extension provincial colleges, can and will create a better understanding from regulators about the fundamental shifts in patient needs and wants for pharmacy – which includes compounding. The NAPRA guidelines are in no small measure onerous on the industry and have the unintended consequence of testing the ability for our insurers to adequately asses what they believe is undue commercial and professional risk associated with underwriting our facilities. In the past several weeks we have been engaged in active outreach to provincial associations (in particular in Ontario) who seek broader understanding of compounding with respect to insurance. At the writing of this, we continue to work with OPA for a resolution with national applicability.

As we are preparing for the annual meeting in October we believe the restrictions of the pandemic will force us to arrange for this year’s meeting to be held virtually. Your ACPC board has struck a working group and comprehensive meeting details including faculty and the agenda will be sent in the coming days.

In the meantime, as we enter the season I hope and trust that you will continue to support the organization and the fine work we have accomplished and aspire to continue.

It is in the spirit of future success for the association that I wish to advise members that I will be leaving the role of Executive Director this fall. I have advised the President and the board of my intention to resign and a transition is underway. I have enjoyed my tenure as Executive Director and I believe the association is on a firm path for continued effectiveness going forward.

I thank the board for the encouragement and trust during my tenure and wish continued success to the board and ACPC members.

Very Truly Yours,

Marc Kealey Executive Director