Membership Criteria

For purposes of these criteria, "Board" shall mean the Board of Directors of the ACPC.


The ACPC is an association of practicing Canadian pharmacists, and not one of member pharmacies. As it is the vision and purpose of the ACPC to promote compounding pharmacy practice and give voice and support to independent compounding pharmacists in Canada it is imperative that membership be open only to pharmacists who practice in an independent Canadian setting. Pharmacists who are, or who become associated with a publicly traded company operating as a pharmacy, are not eligible for membership in ACPC.

Other membership criteria include:

  1. Members must be Canadian licensed, practicing pharmacists in good standing with peers and their respective provincial or territorial licensing authorities.
  2. Members provide evidence acceptable to the Board of having successfully completed a post-graduate training program (non-university) in compounding (eg. PCCA).
  3. Members provide evidence to the Board of ongoing continuing education related to compounding (seminars, symposiums, refresher courses, etc.) that is deemed satisfactory to the Board. This shall be provided annually at time of membership renewal. Members apply this training at their primary practice site, in daily practice.
  4. Good Compounding Practices are followed. Evidence deemed relevant to show compliance to such Practices shall be provided to the Board upon request.
  5. A physically separate area in the pharmacy is designated for compounding, in addition to provincial and territorial accreditation requirements.
  6. Members shall comply with provincial, territorial and federal regulations and standards as they relate to compounding.
  7. Members may be pharmacy owners, pharmacy managers, staff pharmacists or other class of registered pharmacist.
  8. Notwithstanding criteria 1, 2 and 3, the Board may deem a pharmacist eligible for full membership in cases where the skill set, knowledge, and experience of the prospective member would be considered to be of positive benefit to the Board and to the Association.
  9. Associate Memberships for persons having direct involvement in pharmacy compounding may be considered for eligibility by the Board from time to time. Such membership shall not carry voting privileges.
  10. In order to be eligible for membership in the ACPC an applicant must:
  • Be involved in or interested in advancing compounding
  • Not have any prior criminal convictions
  • Not be the subject of any discipline or incapacity hearing with their provincial regulatory body
  • Not have any restrictions on their practice
  • Not have any finding of professional misconduct or incompetence made against them in the prior six years, and
  • Not, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have engaged in conduct unbecoming of an ACPC member.

Membership in the ACPC is a privilege and not a right. Membership may be revoked if these criteria are violated. The Board shall have the final say in granting or refusing membership.