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  4. Members will provide evidence to the Board of ongoing continuing education related to compounding (seminars, symposiums, refresher courses, etc) that is deemed satisfactory to the Board. This shall be provided annually at time of membership renewal. Members apply this training at their primary practice site, in daily practice.
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I affirm that the information contained in this application is true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I also consent to the ACPC verifying this information as necessary, including my being a member in good standing with my provincial licensing body(ies).

I also affirm:

i) that I have read, understand and shall comply with the “Criteria for Membership in the ACPC” and will abide by those criteria at all times during my membership, as well as with all by-laws of the Association;

ii) that as a condition of membership in the ACPC, I acknowledge that I am not employed by or associated with a publicly traded company operating as a pharmacy, and should that occur, I must forfeit my membership forthwith in writing to the ACPC Board of Directors; and

iii) that should I fail to comply with any of the above criteria, it shall constitute grounds for revocation of my membership with no compensation therefore.