Member Benefits

ACPC plays an active role by educating and influencing Canadian Pharmacy regulators and Colleges of Pharmacies nationwide to ensure compounding is safe but accessible for Canadians.  ACPC has made connections with Health Canada, NAPRA, pharmacy associations, various provincial colleges, educators, suppliers of compounding chemicals and equipment, supplement manufacturers and third-party payors.  It is through these relationships we can bring forward member and industry concerns, suggestions and solutions on all matters related to compounding pharmacy.  Our member listing on our website is designed to drive public questions and prescriptions to their “local” ACPC member pharmacy.  We also have an annual general meeting which provides members an opportunity to network, meet with our supplier sponsors and learn from our speakers on topics both clinical and regulatory.

Membership Levels information.

  • Member – Practicing Independent Pharmacists – $350/year
  • Associate – No Voting Rights $100/year
  • Student – Pharmacy Students and Pharmacy Technician Students $25/year