Marchese Pharmacy
316 James Street North
Hamilton Ontario L8L 1H2

About Us

Since 1988, Marchese Health Care has been owned by Marita Zaffiro, B.Sc.Phm., MBA, a well-known figure for her leadership in pharmacy practice, her entrepreneurship and her charitable endeavours. Ms. Zaffiro re-engineered Marchese Pharmacy, a small community pharmacy established in 1961, into Marchese Health Care, a company with a province-wide reach.

Marchese Health Care takes pride in delivering quality products and services with a strong commitment to client-centred care. Our community pharmacy is well known for delivering services to clients living in a multicultural and low socio-economic community where there is a need for broader health information. The ability to provide health services in several languages has attracted a diverse client base and we actively recruit new Canadians to support our multilingual services.

In addition to our dispensing pharmacy, we reach out to patients receiving care in their homes with a wide range of medical supplies and specialized medication programs