Interim Executive Director Update – August 2021

Interim Executive Director Update – August 2021

It is hard to believe we are already almost a third of the way through August.  I am sure like myself, you feel as if the past 18 months or so have been a blur.  I do want to acknowledge all of you who are on the front lines and have been caring for patients consistently through all of this.  I commend you for all of the time you have put in to vaccinate and protect Canadians against Covid-19.  You have put in an unprecedented amount of hours and resources, which I have witnessed first hand and this has not been an easy task.  While you so willingly roll up sleeves and inject, the average person has no idea the magnitude of organization, human resources and time all of this entails and as typical with pharmacists, we sit quietly on the side lines, doing what we do best – caring for patients and offering solutions.  So I want to say Thank you to each and every one of you for doing what you do best and caring for Canadians health!

It has been a challenging year for ACPC and many other organizations learning to navigate through unchartered waters.  Our Board is made up strictly of volunteers who have been spread very thin themselves and with myself as a very part time interim executive director, we have still managed to make some significant advancements for our members.  I am looking forward to the 2022 when we can move further ahead and continue advancing the compounding community for the betterment of all patients and practitioners.

Despite the challenging times we have been facing, I am very pleased to announce that ACPC has been working with the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association in developing an insurance program specifically for compounding pharmacists/pharmacies.  At this time, this is available immediately for all ACPC Ontario members, as well as, members of OPA.   We expect a rollout for ACPC members in the remaining provinces in early Fall. You will find more information attached.  ACPC is committed to supporting our members and we are excited to present this new opportunity to you at this time.  We will also be launching a webinar in the next few weeks in order for you to gather more information about this new product.

I continue to applaud you in all of your efforts and I hope you will manage to have a little down time at some point over the next few weeks, it is important.


Anne Marie

Insurance Update – August 2021 OPA and ACPC Insurance document